Exceptional Representation

Simplex Africa is committed to offering tailored staffing and recruitment solutions to suit the client’s requirements. We have skilled and motivated team that ensure only best knowledge and resources is delivered to the client. Our team is dynamic, professional with highly reputable qualifications and broad experience and they understand different industrial requirements from organisation to organisation. We ensure that right people are placed in the right positions for the right assignments and our resources are correctly validated and accredited for the required tasks


Our Mission

  • To be the leading provider of top-quality and professional private employment services and recruitment services.

  • Present skilled and motivated workforce

  • Bring peace of mind to all our clients

  • Select right people for the right positions

  • Uplift and empower job seekers

Job Opportunities

We offer employment opportunities to all diverse range of skilled individuals. We offer both permanent and temp career opportunities to suit your needs. Where required, the selected suitable candidates undergo training tailored to their standards and corporate team building engagements.