Simplex Africa Recruitment provides hiring and employment solutions and reliable recruitment services to companies seeking to fill available job vacancies in all employment sectors on all career levels. Our recruitment process is simplified to suit both the employers and job seekers. Each company gets personalized recruitment solutions. We recruit both permanent and contract employees.

Our mission is to reduce employers’ valuable time and costs of hiring and recruiting and ensure the best possible candidates with necessary skills, qualifications and experience are placed to match the employers’ staffing needs.  

Our recruitment solutions

  • We handle your staffing needs from advertising the position, handling advertisement response, provision of best possible talent to finalizing the terms and conditions of employment

  • We provide short term staff to cover for holidays, seasonal support or short-term projects

  • We handle all your required staff procurement, thus giving the company valuable time to focus on organizational development

  • We provide permanent, temporary staffing solutions in any industry up to executive management level.

  • Our aim is to develop businesses while uplifting and empowering candidates with flexible ways to connect with sustainable job opportunities.

  • We offer our personalized and customized services to small, medium sized and large companies in the same committed manner.

Our recruitment & selection process

The client provides us with the list of job vacancies to fill

We conduct the job analysis

We advertise the vacancy

Pass the comprehensive interview

Job Offer

Pass the first interview

Training where required

Application sourcing

Background checks and screening

Assignment to suitable role/position

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