Staffing and outsourcing

Simplex Africa is a proud provider of viable staffing solutions while uplifting and empowering candidates. Simplex Africa ensures clients’ staffing needs are matched with well qualified and best possible talent. Each client receives customised and personalised staffing solutions that are aimed at ensuring the development of the organisation. Our HR department offers full on-site managed solutions that save the clients valuable time and money.

Benefits of working with us

  • More time spent on productivity and increasing revenue and no time spent on recruitments, HR admin and payroll management.

  • Work with only skilled, qualified and productive workforce

  • No more headaches caused by disciplinary processes or CCMA and dealing with statutory compliances

Workforce solutions

  • Permanent and fixed term staff placements in accordance with the client’s requirements

  • Short- and long-term hires

  • Turnkey staffing solutions

  • Pre-screening and assessments of all the potential candidates

  • Staff outsourcing and payroll management

  • Business process outsourcing

  • HR and IR consulting services